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I’m very excited about what Central Control is doing in this space. They’re building a solution that the industry needs, with a stellar team of players. We look forward to partnering with them once they’re live.

Eric Picard, VP Product Management, Pandora

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True RCT is the backbone of world-class ad measurement, but the industry desperately needs a scalable RCT solution. Central Control can be a platform upon which ad measurement vendors, agencies, and even in-house brand teams build their technology.

Chris Kelly, CEO/Co-Founder, Survata

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As a staunch advocate for randomized controls for ad measurement, I’d love to see Central Control succeed. RCT is a great way to achieve measurement while also maintaining consumer privacy.

Rex Briggs, CEO/Founder, Marketing Evolution (Forrester's 2018 leader in "Marketing Measurement and Optimization Solutions")